Pork scratchings cracklins chicherons

‎What is it about pig skin? Crisped.. not puffed like those awful packs you can buy.. all dry and tasteless..

Cooked well.. I have got pretty good at it.. no soggy ones.. those soft fat ones always present in the bag.. just when you wanted a good un!

My scottish engineering pal is trying various methods out at the moment.. and will post his results shortly.. x

I have gone with what I know.. good skin.. chopped up.. cooked in the combo oven.. drained of fat.. cooked again.. tossed in a seasoning of chilli lemon and meat seasoning.. spices not identical to the regular variety yet good for a change.. and pretty tasty by all accounts..

They seem to have gone down well in the pub anyways… the landlady likes em.. as does the staff and regulars.. that’s cool! and all and sundry seem happy.. I reckon they are helping Welsh Bob complete his crossword quicker..!!

Brought to the pub warm.. that’s the benefit of living down the road.. and demolished.. all eaten up.. beer sales sure to rise.. x

Pig skin is cool.. perhaps a little wrong.. yet lovely when right.. and why does it go so so well with beer huh? X

Happy Sunday.. yall x


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