Cows can fly! Wing of beef

‎There is a wonderful cut of beef called the wing..

Yup cows have wings! Always tough to explain to people yet definitely not a tough cut of meat!

Mrs Fitz loves roast beef.. and to be fair beef of most kind.. yet roast the bestest.. x

So cows do indeed have wings.. I got this wing at half price.. thanks to a good butcher pal of mine.. 770 grams of prime wing.. cool x

Gone for the full roast.. a proper Sunday number.. and the reason why the french call the English ‘roast beefs’.. it’s a great roast.. and makes you feel good on Sunday late afternoon..

Heritage purple carrots, peas, french beans, and broccoli.. with a rich shallot and rosemary gravy.. yorkshire puddings.. and the most wonderful crispy yet softy roast potatoes ala Mrs Fitz.. by gum does she make great roast spuds..

And horseradish sauce made from the root.. first time I have had a root of horseradish.. and this one is from Hungary! .. grated.. mixed with Mrs Middleton’s oil.. sour cream, salt and bristol blend pepper.. and a squeeze of lemon juice.‎ Delightful yet not hot?

Great Sunday supper.. followed by a dog walk.. and trifle upon the return.. now on the couch.. dogs sleeping.. telly on..

Nice x

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