Beef stew marrow bone and roscoff onions

‎For supper tonite.. that great store bought pack of shin of beef with marrow bone slices.. of which me and my pal Jack were talking about getting the butcher to slice up for us..

Imagine.. ready sliced marrow bone from the shin of very good beasts.. in the freezer so you could just take a couple out and add them to your dish.. sorry.. yet thinking about that.. good plan.. and for those that like roast marrow on toast it would be perfect.. just grill from frozen and scoop out onto toast.. hmmmm another gooey eyed deer perhaps? X

I recall eating marrow bones in marseille a starter.. and it sent my eyes a spiNnin.. you know when the whole world spins? .. and you have to grip the table so you don’t fall over? (of course without the other diners catching ya! ) x both physical and mental! Wow it’s was mad.. that was at the butchers.. a whole post on that.. we got on famously! X

So added purple carrots, chopped, heritage celery, chopped, roscoff onions they are so so so nice..chopped, leek, chopped, potatoes (you guessed it huh? ) chopped, swede, chopped, parsnip, chopped..

The addition of some veg bouillon ‎and water..

Pressure cooked.. 24 minutes.. seriously.. a ‘proper’ stew cooked in 24 minutes!! It’s a miracle!!

Served with garlic cia batter.. what a lovely supper for a winters evening.. x

And a wagon wheel for dessert.. they really have got smaller right? X

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