Chilli double baked potatoes

‎Sometimes you just cannot beat a chilli.. those cowboys can’t be wrong.. soft yielding meat, delicately spiced and flavoured.. great stuff!

I am not a fan of the blow ya socks and pants off hot hot hot chillis… I prefer taste over massive explosion!! and sure you can enhance em all with the addition of special peppers.. and chocolate..

Yet Tonites supper was an easy one.. the store that moved sells a lovely ‘pre-mix’ which is the meat, onions, carrots, celery, and all the spices and herbs.. and I swear it’s a great freezer standby.. it works.. and when reduced (ahem).. well worth the buying..

Simply browned from frozen.. addition of a can of tomatoes.. left alone.. oh.. I did add a spoonful of mojo sauce.. still in that holiday eating vibe!

Just trying to hold onto the sun mebbe..

Spuds cooked.. using the combo on a skewer.. rubbed with oil and salt.. once cooked scooped out.. butter.. salt.. bristol blend pepper, herbs.. crispy onions and a diced shallot all mushed up and re stuffed into the skins..

Back in the oven.. till outside deliciously crisp..

Topped with chilli and sour cream.. served with a salad dressed in honey and mustard dressing..

Happy weekend x

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