Scottish rump steak sausages

‎It feels cold.. cold like need hearty foodedge..

Have been meaning to try out this idea I have for a scottish style sausage.. Orkney beef.. I have the spice and herb mix sorted.. and some very fine pinhead rusk..

Using rump steak and some belly pork.. all minced up together.. and re-passed through the mincer to combine everything ‎.. oh and a good splash of ice water to help the magical banger science..

And they smell good.. stuffed into hog casings.. left to bloom in the fridge.. tasted a couple of little uns.. fried.. think these are bakers really although very nice.. the daags seem to be thinking so also! X

For supper decided on toad in the hole.. it’s that kinda weather.. using a Betty crocker pack.. hmm Bisquick.. well feck its it’s ok!

With those petit pois cooked in Mirin and soy with a dash of water.. it works trust me. X

For Mrs Fitz.. stuffed peppers.. cheese potato croquets, with a fresh breadcrumbs.. and some thin frying steaks.. she liked it so that cool.. I really liked my toad in hole.. a good sausage for it this Orkney number‎ ..with a shallot and merlot gravy..

Good sit ya down supper.. cool

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