Pork scratchings/cracklings.. Bad?

Ok.. There is a debate about crispy fried pork rinds.. And pretty much every pork eating nation has a version.. In England they are a nostalgic beer snack.. A snack that makes you either smile or grimace. Particularly the hairy ones!!!

That super salty crunchy porky goodness.. ( until you get a soft one!!) YUCK!!

If you search my site you will see I like making these.. And this was an attempt to use up the pork rinds smuggled back from the island of lanzarote last year .

I think they were rinds from a cured ham.. They had a similar fragrance ( being polite!) to the wonderful Spanish hams..

So what to do this time? Gone for a frying.. Now be VERY FRICKIN careful here .. It’s a bit bonkers!!!

Heat oil in the wok.. Mrs Middletons rapeseed here.. Scatter in the rinds.. Umm I had to immediately remove from the gas.. For fear of ignition!!

Once kinda cooked take them out.. Repeat the process .. Lighting the gas.. Turning it off etc etc..

Then final burst.. Big heat.. All of them in.. Last pops and crackles..

Onto paper ..

Now the seasoning.. Can’t replicate the great Black Country pork scratching seasoning. Trust me have tried like forever! Why can’t I find dried yeast extract? Humph..

Anyways.. Gone for the following:

Onion powder, garlic granuals, mango powder, Bristol blend pepper, chilli salt, and chiili and lemon seasoning..

All tossed together . Now these were cool yet not really to my liking. So I passed them on.. And people loved them!! Me pal Jack saying they were the best ever!!

Well there you go.. Crispy crunchy pork rinds.. Mind your teeth !





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  1. Mango powder….I have not heard of this… point me in the right direction to this! ! I love fried anything pig. Sounds delish


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