A Light Scottish Breakfast

From my good pal Jack Taylor.. Enjoy ya breakfast Jack.. Could have smoked that cheese with the gun,,, >
> Thought I would step back in time where grease was the norm and cholesterol was never discussed. >
> Took a couple of potato scones out of the fridge, cut up some Cathedral City cheese, laid the slices on one scone, showered the cheese with the wonderful bruschetta spice from Oil and Vinegar shop, put the other scone on top and shallow fried on both sides till slightly crisp and the cheese was melted. This sandwich was removed from the pan and kept warm in the oven. >
> I fried a couple of eggs in same pan till just cooked. I then placed one egg on top and the other on side, drizzled some more bruschetta over the top and wolfed in with a dash of reggae jerk bbq sauce. >
> It was to die for and if I’m honest it will likely help me on my way. 😉 However I did only have one! >
> http://www.jacksrecipes22.wordpress.com

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3 replies

  1. Hi Jacqui. You might have been surprised to see me posting this on Mr. Fitz blog but I am having some minor problems with my blog, which you are following. I am also an author of Cooking with Mr Fitz hence my post here.


  2. As a Scot myself this does appeal to me!! Have to say I think I’d need to run up and down the stairs a hundred times after!!!!


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