Pork scratchings

‎Had to make some pork scratchings today.. used the rind from the bacon I am curing.. the bacon will be superb!! Organic hickory smoked.. yay!!

(more about that in a week) x

My attorney has been working flat out.. told him he needs some roobios or camomile tea x love ya attorney Sutton x

The rind trimmed offa the pork belly for the streaky.. cut up and shook up with the spices..

Used the super oven.. mickywave, fan oven and grill.. ok it’s messy and had to clean it after..

How long.. about 4 mins .. mebbe 5.. mebbe 6.. well anyways cool..

Chilli lemon and secret Mr Fitz spices.. x bagged in my new vac pac machine..

Brought to the pub for a taste test.. a STORM!! The chaps love ’em.. gonna have to remember this seasoning mix.. have kept a little for reserve.. these really are good and must be an addition to the Mr Fitz Pork portfolio.. x


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  1. Pork scratchings? OK, I think we call these pork rinds or cracklings. Either way, they’re yummy! And dangerous, as in addicting! 🙂


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