Balsamic lamb chops & attorneys bouloungere potatoes

A classic dish? I suppose kinda..

An autumnal comforter? Definitely …

After discussions with my attorney about potato dishes he reminds me of boloungere potatoes..

That classic French number that would have gone into the butchers ovens at the end of the day.. Does that still happen? It must do.. Somewhere.. Mr Bourdain has never included it I don’t think?

And if you think about lamb hotpots , Swedish johannsens , and glorious dishes like that the layering of spuds with onions and herbs and seasonings is all over the world .. So actually French?


Start by buttering the dish.. Anything that begins with start by buttering the dish has my attention..

Sliced potatoes first.. Then onion.. Herb de Provence and English sea salt and Bristol blend pepper.. Repeat twice..

Twice? Yeah that’s all the dish can hold.. Keep going if you can? Or make individual ones in ramekins.. That would look pretty ..

You could add to the layers the addition of anchovies or crushed garlic would be the bizzle.. Yet i forgot..

I made a ‘stock of sorts’ from red miso soup mix and chicken stock.. Just a couple hundred mls.. Pour this over the spuds and dot with more butter.. Dribbling milk over the top last thing before putting into the oven at 180 real money for about an hour.. Turning the heat down slightly inbetween..



The lamb chops couldn’t be easier.. Sure they were not cooked floppy pink.. Yet these work..

Red ticket lamb chops.. Into a greased pan.. That’s it.. Halfway through cooking add balsamic vinegar and season.. Cream here would make the best sauce yet we are running the home food stash down at the moment.. Let that bubble about for a bit.. Get a little hot and sticky.. And there you have it.. Balsamic glazed lamb chops..


Simple extra fine green beans and peas to go with.. They are a freezer delight!


Put the whole lot together ..


And enjoy the sound of the wind and rain and the super darkness outside.. There are certain chefs that would try tape that and stick an iPod in your ears while you ate.. This is the real deal..

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4 replies

  1. Lovely dinner – love lamb in any form really. Have you tried to fry off some chopped anchovies first? They make a deep savoury base for the sauce created by the stock…love the comment about the chef and the headphones!!


  2. Oh man, i’d eat this for breakfast! I’m with you on the butter thing too!


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