Crispy chilli beef , mushroom chow mein

You know I love this dish.. Like really love it..

And I just have to say that this one came out the business!

First a red ticket sirloin steak .. Cut into thin strips .. Dusted in seasoned cornflour ..



Fried in shallow sunflower oil in that great uncle bens wok..

Drained on ikea paper..

Field mushrooms chopped and fried too..



Then onions, green chilli and single bulb garlic..


Then lose the oil.. Add seasoned wok oil instead.. Add the bean sprouts.. Like spinach you always think it’s too much at the time !

And the noodles ..


Then season with two types of soy.. Kikoman and then ketjap manis..

Stunning taste!!


Outta the wok..

Clean wok quick with water..

Add the beef and mushrooms .. ( the beef that’s left over from you snacking on the crispy loveliness..!)

Then add the sweet chilli and ginger sauce courtesy of the blue dragon family.. Perfect for this!


Then into Chinese plastic take out tubs for authentic – ness..


Stunning!! Seriously .. Stunning…

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6 replies

  1. Ahhhh what a great combination! will want to try this very soon. Looks delish


  2. Haha. Hilarious to serve these in tubs when cooking at home. You could purchase those cardboard pails and hide fortune cookies in the bag next time.

    I just realised I’ve never cooked with a wok. What kind of Chinese woman am I?


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