Chilli mushroom chow mein

As I was out for the day I think it only correct that I leave Mrs Fitz a something that chef ping can rustle up for her around noonish..

So chilli mushroom chow mein it is.. (It also meant that I got to eat find too.. Ahem)..

Onion , chicken stock , chopped chilli and chopped fresh portobello mushrooms along with some rehydrated chinese black mushrooms. With a splash pimped Italian mrs Middletons ..

Into the super freebie from over a decade ago uncle bens wok..

Then the bean sprouts added..


And then the noodles..


All flashed with heat and liberal sploshings of kikoman soy..

I have to admit.. It ain’t the prettiest looking dish yet it sure is darn tasty..


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5 replies

  1. Sounds good! Mrs Fitz must have had a great Hope you had a nice day out!


  2. I like that bowl! I can finish it up all alone :).


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