Hunters beef

I have no gooey eyed deers as to why this is called hunters beef.. Am pretty sure someone can tell me!

Yet that’s what it says in the packet.. So that’s what it is. ..

One kilo of very fine scotch brisket from me butcher pal Ian at earls barton.. Now he makes this excellent pressed beef with is like the finest corned beef meets salt beef meets loveliness I have ever tasted in my life! It’s done in a sweet pickle for seven days then cooked for four hours then into a special meat press..

This ain’t that…

The mixture was rubbed all over it.. Into a ziplock ( although this was actually an ikea ) bag.. Into the fridge.. Turned every day for three days..

Then cooked for 5 hours.. It said to cook it for 8 on the packet.. After some internal and external discussion it was deemed that 5 was good enough..

It seemed to be..

Removed and cooled with some of the cooking juices..

Then run through the bacon slicer..

And vac packed ..

I must admit it’s really rather good!

Try the off cuts on fresh chips.. The meat kinda melts on them..

I think next time I will add dark sugar to the mix..

Overall pretty cool..









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4 replies

  1. Gooey eyed deers!! Ah hahaha I love it!


  2. Wow – that looks amazing!! I imagine it would be wonderful hot, on rye bread with slightly melty cheese and lots of mustard…omg…


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