Winner winner chicken dinner

Quite a nice supper indeed ..

Potatoes and beetroots par boiled in salty water.. I thought the potatoes were going to go red yet they don’t go that red. .. Roughed up a little., into a tray with some Lebanese pimped mrs Middletons oil.. French purple garlic and garden rosemary ..

A spatchcock chicken marinated in garlic , herbs and butter..placed straight on the bars above it.. All roasted for seventy minutes.. The roots catching all that wonderful drippy flavour town juice..

Some Yorkshire puddings made simply.. Plain flour, two Braddock white duck eggs.. Water , salt and herb de Provence . Into the top oven in hot beef dripping.. Yay they rose a little! Yay!!

Peas and jolly green tall chappie corn..

All served atop ikea scrunched up brown paper.. I get the knarly bits of the bird and Mrs Fitz the more delicate and regular pieces..

There you go…

Winner winner chicken dinner.. IMG_7754.JPG





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