Huevos rancheros hangover curer

After speaking with my attorney this morning via the power of text, he made an egg-cel lent suggestion indeed..

Huevos rancheros

The wonderful kick starter just perfect for a brunch.. Tingling the taste buds , wakening the senses..

It had to be done..

A trip to the store post a nail appointment at the vets for the hounds supplied the chilli’s and chorizo that was missing from the house supplies..

A quick bread made up.. Yeast free for time.. While it sat getting it’s jiggly on a quick salsa of tomato white onion chilli balsamic parsley and coriander..

Two Braddock duck eggs fried in butter..

Bread cooked on iron pan..

Chorizo fried off briefly..

All onto the plate and franks hot sauce splashed liberally over the lot..

With a lucozade original to wash it all down with..

Feeling better already.. And the sun is shining .. Great advice attorney.. Great..

Will also pop this over to my pals at fiesta friday..







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27 replies

  1. Hangovers better get out of the way with that one!

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  2. This does look like it would cure a world of ills! Yum.


  3. wow duck eggs – and coriander – looks like trader joes or vics packaging is it? Havent figured out if you are US or UK based, but I think US…..from the packaging – then again the americans call is Cilantro not coriander so maybe UK after all -hm no matter. lovely breakie – squeezing the lawyer for all he is worth eh – advice and breakfast, clever you πŸ™‚


  4. Huevos rancheros with chorizo – my favourite breakfast. Must try them with duck eggs!


  5. Yummy!!!! Love spicy eggs πŸ™‚



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