A couple of things… Two types of Animal fillets made lovely… 

strange title? Possibly.. Umm no! actually it’s a perfect title.. Why..

It’s the truth..

first up! Delicious lamb neck fillets.. Possibly one of the nicest pieces on a lamb.. these ones came all the way from #newzealand ! 

They arrive frozen.. Yet for some reason are just so perfect when defrosted.. Just perfect! 

Simply marinated.. nice dried herbage, excellent olive oil.. Salt and other bits.. 

A jumble of peppers and red onions complete the act.. 

Skewered up and seared till a little char develops.. Into warmed olive oil enriched pitta breads.. With crinkle chips dusted with oregano and salt..


That green stuff right there? 

Fresh parsley, fresh cilantro/coriander.. Soft garlic, thyme, oregano and cumin.. And a little sundried tomato.. 


Next animal fillet ?

Cow.. Oops! Apologies.. I mean beef.. (It is cow though really right?).. 

It’s #tacotime .. 

Beef fillet sliced thin and mixed with sliced onion and skinned peppers.. Cyprus salt, sweet paprika , cumin , garlic granules and oregano complete this marinade.. 

The salt draws out the juices and melds it all together.. It just needs leaving a while.. 

Just enough time for me to check in at an event.. That’s the #pudding table in the pic.. Then drive home.. 

Iron pan fry the beef fillet mix.. 

Chef ping expertly hots up the super soft tortillas, 

A selection.. No..! Medley of sweet romaine lettuce, baby plum tomatoes with pickled green jalepenos , sharp grated cheddar for Mrs Fitz.. And of course a wonderful amount of that super green sauce! 

There you go ..

Two animal fillets… Both delicious and fabulous suppers! 

Oh and check out my new sauce! 


How cool is that?  


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