A day getting an appetite..

After a good breakfast if possibly the best hotel eggs EVER!

We Went for a long drive today as the sun was out .. A LONG drive!! Like six hours!!

Took a car feet that was lovely.. Saw the most amazing coast line. All in great yet cold sunshine..

What was the porpoise of this drive?

Well ahem..

I saw the name if a place that reminded me of pork pies .. (Melton Mowbray) .. This was called miltown malbay.. Say it quick with a little john Wayne mouth … It works right ????

I got it in my head that I needed a picture of me by the roadsign.. Turns out they actually don’t make pork pies there…

Weird that huh? Is it just me that found that strange…..?

We had a lovely day out though.. Including having to count out a huge bag if pennies that we had it pay the 28 euro for the ferry! Mrs Fitz was panicking somewhat!

What else.. Hmmm

Oh! That’s me dressed as a leprechaun .. I kinda ‘borrowed ‘ the outfit while we stopes for fuel..

Have stopped off for a pint now it think about supper.. What better than a pint of the black stuff to get an appetite ??

Slainte x






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