Mexican birthday supper in Killarney

Here we are in rainy Killarney..

A lovely place to spend your birthday.. Even if it is raining huh? Thus is the Emerald Isle after all, so the rain is pretty important I guess.. Although just a little bit less whilst having a wander would be good . Ahh well..

On route we stopped off at this amazing candy store, and Charly the candyman was a wonderful chap.. Bought some homemade candy to take home (if it lasts that long!) ..

Also he suggested a place for the special birthday supper .. A Mexican joint.. And it looked cool as..

So back to the hotel to dry off then into the spa to re-vitalise..

Revitalised and a cab to the restaurant.. Greeted warmly by the staff and the chef (John ) .. Who was having a cup of something hot, this seems to be a husband and wife affair with a really helpful Spanish? Server she was cool .

After staring st the menu a good while we went for nachos to start.. And they didn’t disappoint. Good nachos, ok Chef John explained that they couldn’t make them in- house as they just can’t get good enough flour round these parts.. Yet I tell ya these were good chips. Shame they were not warmed yet they were good and the guacamole was superb!! One if the best I think I have ever eaten.. Honest!

For mains went for a meat sharing platter for me & Mrs Fitz. Comprising if chicken strips in panko crumb,, tender and crunchy.. A chilli that ok didn’t have the white kidney beans I like yet was of very good taste indeedo Some meatballs in a good sauce, also took in a couple if ‘extras’ ..

Chorizo that was punchy ( reckon Mr Fitz’s home made ones are richer though x) and some cheese croquettes for Mrs Fitz.. Dunno if it was the tough day travelling, wandering and spa-ing, yet this got demolished !

Washed down with a couple of salty sweet well made margaritas ..

FULL now .. FULL!!

It’s my birthday though and I’ll burst if I want to.. Burst if I want to.

Hit desert . Mango icecream cake.. V good, and an express cup of chocolate mixed with chilli.. If this had come with churros I would have wept with pleasure. It still was good though.

What a taste (very) full (for sure!) way to spend a birthday meal. Happy birthday to me x thanks Mrs Fitz.

Love you .

Sleep required now .. Nite nite









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5 replies

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Mr. Fitz!! 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Mr Fitz., by the way, the best pint of Guiness I ever tasted is up at Killarney Golf club. Enjoy rest of your holiday. See you when you get back. X


  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. Fitz! Glad you and the Mrs. had a great dinner!


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