Dessert driving and eating under the stars

Ok.. Look I know that I spelt desert wrong ok? Forgive me.. Yet am being so well looked after and overloaded with food stuffs.. It’s possibly all I can think of!

Was driven out to the dessert ( see there I go again!) .. Sorry ..

Was driven out to the DESERT, ( there we go) ..

To see the dunes.. Passing by a number of camels.. Two them reminding me of Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley.. Perhaps they are distant cousins somehow? Same grrrr noises!

And up and over the dunes like the craziest roller coaster in a 4×4

This is crazy . Like really frickin crazy!! Thank the gods the driver seemed to know his stuff right?

And finally to watch a magnificent sunset.. Just magical..

Ok.. Enough.. Let’s eat!

Into an Arabian village .. Arabian nites if you wish to know the name I really would recommended it..

The good cooked here was exquisite and right up my street. Perfect! The chef was cool too! Hello Chef!

Middle eastern delights aplenty .. Wonderful dips and breads, magnificent meats. Super salad .. Oh ..

And fish fingers/sticks.. And chicken nuggets! Why ? Dunno yet a great talking point ! I suppose the fact that we are out in the middle of knowhere Hmm how do you actually work out where the middle if knowhere is?.. Hmmm

Perhaps it was a chefs statement? Either I thought it was cool. V cool.. Finished off with shisha with me pals..

Nice one!









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5 replies

  1. I could go for some dessert driving about now… Looks like an amazing experience!


  2. Oh, man! I really thought you were DESSERT driving. I’ve done such a thing before. It’s loads of fun.


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