Sea planes and lunch..

Well after my adrenaline fuelled morning.. And petrol fumes to be fair ..

It was time to take to the air. From the sea!!

A wonderful sea plane spin to see all over Abu Dhabi , is it not just THE best way to view a developing city?

Views amazing of course. And it turns out I knew the captain, captain cam from Canada.. !! How mad is that!

If you live somewhere where sea planes a a regular way if life then I apologise in advance.. Yet for me they sure ain’t and it was wonderful to experience this.. It does though build up an appetite somewhat I must confess..

So back to the Viceroy Yas island for lunch.. Again an amazing array of wonderful worldly delights.. Buffet style yet dread and truly scrump diddley umptious ..

Went for samosas and spring rolls.. Salad because you should and a great pomegranate dressing., delightful!!

Moved onto chicken.. And duck Well the pictures is there.. And it was cracking!

Then fattoush and humous and baba ganoush.. With great breads.. I really love this kind of eating and has inspired me to once again recreate these wonderful middle eastern flavours.. (Check out previous posts on this.. Just type Lebanese in the search box? That should work?)

My colleague had a plate if seafood they could only describe as sensational.. Not for me as you know yet had to feature it.. The puddings and desserts plus all the other offerings were so vast I just cannot upload all the pics!! Yet imagine everything (minus pork of course) .. Them times two it.. No scrap that times FOUR IT instead.. You may be nearly there..

I was belly rubbing satisfied ..

Ok .. Off to the desert.. Look out camels here comes Mr Fitz!

Then a plate of








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