Breakfast and F1

Am staying at the very lovely Viceroy hotel on Yas island in an dhabi..

It is very lovely..

Overlooks the F1 track.. Well actually is part if the F1 track in a way. Now.. Finding your room is a little tricky here., so do be aware if that if you come stay. And I must say.. So far I do think you should consider this as an option if you are out here.. And if you are into F1 .. Well .. I am sure that you love it indeed!

Now.. What is it about breakfast in a good hotel? The sheer amount of offerings is almost overwhelming, (note the almost bit!..

And the breakfast here at the Viceroy is no exception to this rule.. Pretty much all you can imagine for breakfast is available plus more!! Think Chinese food, traditional Arabic, continental, eggs of all conceivable persuasions. Fine fruits and wonderful pastries.. Amazing fresh juices and hot drinks.. Oh and steaks too! Do remember though that there are no pork products here.

So what did Mr Fitz have?

Noodles.. Like a ‘last nites’ takeaway only fresh .. Cool!

Then paratha with a light curry.. Man this is like five star student/bachelor living huh??

And of course a couple of snaffled pastries.. From the kids trolley. Heck they were smiling at me.. X

And the F1?

Well my friends I was extremely lucky to drive the F1 circuit.. Ok.. I didn’t ‘actually’ drive, yet was driven by a professional driver on hot laps. JEEZUS!! It was MAD!

And I think I look pretty cool in the get up right?







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  1. So jealous – of the breakfast, AND the ride around the circuit!


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