Flying on Etihad to Abu Dhabi

Ok.. Mr Fitz off on his travels again..

This time back to Abu Dhabi

On Etihad airlines.. Got into the lounge yet not the upgrade.. Ahh well .. Never mind I still got four seats to myself on economy and stretched out in my sleep suit..

Back to the lounge though.. This is the lounge at Heathrow, and pretty nice ..

Good offering of food and also a six senses spa ( unfortunately no spaces..)

Great staff.. And a cool kids room.. Nice!

Onto the plane..

As if says I got a four seat to myself.. Changed into my sleep suit and settled down for the flight..

Of course Mr Fitz brings his own food snacks for the duration..

Plus a smattering of magazines..

The flight went pretty quick.. Lane food? Not bad I suppose .. Not my cup of tea x ( although the green tea was very nice)

Hotel next .. Viceroy Yas island..

Have arrived in Abu Dhabi ..!








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11 replies

  1. Mr Fitz, welcome to UAE 🙂 Enjoy!


  2. Looks like a lot of fun Mr Fitz!! I”m glad to see your magazine of choice was a food magazine.. 🙂


  3. You look comfy in the kids’ room, and even comfier on the plane!


  4. Very nice lounge, plane food, not so nice! Good idea to bring your own snacks. Love the socks!!


  5. Plane food is the worst! I flew emirates to Dubai and all I could eat was the chocolate cake (haha). I think there was a study done about how the pressurized cabin effects taste buds.

    Have a great trip!


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