Marle inn Sunday lunch ..

We decided to go for lunch again at the marle inn.. It’s a lovely sunny day so a perfect lakeside setting..

Mrs Fitz didn’t have breakfast in order to enjoy her lunch all the more.. I on the other hand had the last of the cottage pie.. Heck! Needed eating right?

We were there prompt for high noon ..

No starters today.. Just straight in with the roast sirloin .. And it was good .. Very good., I think though the veg could do with a little variation .

Perhaps some mash, mashed swede or something .. Dunno.. Just a change though..

Service was slow today.. We were ok, yet after extolling the wonderful food here it was a shame that when three separate tables ordered it took so long.. I had to go fetch the staff to assist!!

We felt bad as these tables were all people who had come there on our recommendation!! (They read the blog!)

Oops… !

They said there food was fine and delicious though apart from one couple .. They said the food was skimpy .. That’s a shame and a little strange.. Yet if seems to be true.. Sadly.. ? I saw the photos!

We finished up with the homemade ice cream . If is cracking stuff that ice cream.. Cracking!!

Feeling rather full and content …

I can only hope that the ‘mistakes’ this time were a one off .. ( for the others) ..

Am now quite happy watching the man with the golden gun.. Brilliant!

One more thing. Chef Alain and chef. Nicola get married next week.. We wish them all the best.. X






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