New breakfast item! = the McMrFitz breakfast bite

Mrs Fitz helped me invent what is a wonderful hotel breakfast snack at the Brehon this morning …

Take three very nice hotel eggs .. Seriously these are very good hotel eggs.. Some brown toast.. Buttered .. A piece of white pudding..

Apply a touch of surgery to the eggs.. ( I reckon I would make a great surgeon) .. Leaving just the yolk.. Which to be fair is the best part if the egg..

Stack together.. Salt and pepper.. Now .. And this is V importanttay ..

Lean forward just a little.. As these puppies can do real damage to your clothing.. I also suggest just doing this in a hotel.. The clean up operation potential rates pretty darn high!!

Try biting .. Not putting all in the mouth .. By the third if not fourth ahem attempt .. ( yeah I know I said three eggs..) x

You will have :

A – nailed it
B – got away with it
C – excused yourself pretty quickly!!

Do yet it though… It makes breakfast fun..

And the name? McMrFitz? Work in progress… If you think of another let me know..




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  1. Oh Boy. Mr MacFitz. I am slavering just looking at that!! If I had been there I am sure I could have convinced you to add a couple of black puddings, a couple of potato scones (farls over there) and would have made sure the bread was fried in butter. However all that needs to be balanced with plenty brown sauce. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. X
    When are you back?


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