Berber spiced lettuce wraps/cups for Anna

It’s that time again when Mrs Fitz comes home from work and declares that we need to create something for her to take to work and share. This one is for Anna’s birthday..

I was told that we had to provide lettuce wraps/cups.. (in a nice way of course!)

We all love lettuce cups and these are an ideal handheld snack for the office or a little shindig..

So happy birthday Anna! Hope you like them!

There are two types here. One a vegetarian number specially for Sylvia and the herbivores another lamby number for the carnivores .. Although having tasted both they are very good indeed! Just mind the spice!

(I reckon Father Fitz would love these vegetarian/vegan ones so pay attention Father! )

Let’s start with the vegetarian option.. Whenever I am in France I always pick up a couple of cans of cous cous vegetables. I don’t know why we can’t get easy access to them here? Can you?

They are a marvel.. all veggies and pulses in a sauce . all natural and not fecked about with .. If you can’t get ahold of one if these fine cans then you need to make a kinda ratatouille .. Also adding chick peas .. Am sure the great god google will help out there.

If however you are lucky and do indeed have a can of said delight then it’s an easy one..

if you have left over lentil rice then that’s a good start.. If not then a packet of Tildas lentil rice is perfect..

Heat the rice add to the veggies.. And now the BLAST! Berber spices.. Warming tasty heaty lip smacking stuff this.. I used a heap of it.. What’s in it? Not sure I buy it as is.. Again the google gods will be sure to assist .. It’s a punchy number though I tell ya! A deep inhale of it had me sneezing hard!

And that’s it! Simple vegetarian /vegan number!! I suppose it’s good enough to eat on its own .. Yet it’s even better when put inside crispy iceberg lettuce leaves.. And rolled up.. Perfect !

For the meaty option?

I had some if the shepherds pie mix left in the freezer.. So time to get it pimped!! It’s already a wonderful base.. Yet with the addition of petit pois and a smackerooni of the Berber spices it begins to transform !

Adding long grain rice to this mix has created a wonderful filling for the lettuce.. it’s very good.. Yet do watch that heat from the Berber spices! It’s not a karate chop to the neck yet it’s there alright!

Wrapped into the crisp lettuce leaves..

Both mixed left to get their thang on in the fridge overnight..

So this morning at the time when the chickens are rubbing their sleepy beaks.. It was time to get a-rolling..

Crispy iceberg lettuce.. The powerful Berber spiced fillings..

Thanks Mrs Fitz for providing cups of Japanese white tea during the session!

Yet they look good, smell great.. And hopefully the people at Mrs Fitz’s workplace will enjoy them..

I think so.. I also think that my virtual buddies over at fiesta friday will dig them too..

(I have gone back to bed..)








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13 replies

  1. This just made me HUNGRY!!!! Yummmm, thanks for sharing!!


  2. I love all the tips you have for spicing and ingredients. Now I am going to keep an eye out for berber spice as well as those couscous vegetables. Your wraps look fabulous – love the addition of rice. My favourite lettuce wraps have thinly sliced rare steak with rice noodles and a punchy thai sauce in them…you would love them! Have you given your blog a little makeover? It is looking really nice!


    • Thanks! Berber spices are great the cous cous veg are brilliant in the can.. Yet hard to get a hold of round my parts.. Gods bless Eurostar! Rare steak noodles and Thai sauce? Loving that idea! I just picked up a frozen pack of Thai ‘herbs’.. Any recipe fir the sauce?


      • First, I oil and pepper a nice bit of rump and set aside at room temp.
        Cook drain and refresh some rice noodles.
        Make some toasted rice – a couple of tablespoons or raw rice, toasted in a hot dry pan and pounded until coarse – stores really well.
        Thai salads are aromatic and need to have four flavours salty, sweet, sharp and hot.
        In a bowl, mix fish sauce, a little sugar, lime juice, and chilli flakes; add some finely sliced lime leaves, lemon grass and coriander leaves, a little mint…. Maybe a little spring onion. Keep tasting to get the balance right. The sauce is thin.
        Then I get my ridged griddle pan really hot, and cook the steak for a couple of mins on each side,
        Rest, slice across the grain, quite thinly and add it and any juices to the sauce.
        Take some lettuce, add a bit of cooled rice noodles, some steak, some toasted rice Dribble over the sauce wrap and eat! Or you can just eat it as a salad with lots of leaves…it is so good on a hot night!


      • Loving that! Toasted rice ? New one on me! Thin sauce cool.. Just need a hot night! Heating back on today!


      • I know – the weather is just ridiculous. At least it stayed good for the weekend.


  3. I am sure everyone enjoyed them, they look delicious! 🙂



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