Hot dogs , frankfurters, fail…

I like hot dogs, I like them a lot.. Problem is I DON’T like what goes into most of them!! Ewwwww..

If you are lucky enough to be able to get good ones then well done you..

I decided to try making them.. After speaking with my pal Joe up in Scotland.. He sent me a natural mix that he designed himself..

I took the shoulder of pork.. To pieces and minced it.. Then added the secret mix.. And a lot of water.. It looked like it wasn’t going to work at all. Yet yup it came together !

Passed back through the finest mincer disk I have.. It’s now truly a mushy paste! Yet at least I know what’s in this mushy paste right?

Now for the casings .. I have decided to try beef collagen casings, never used these before .. No-pre soaking required.. They feel a bit weird.. Like paper… Strong paper though.

Now.. Just another point here .. These skins don’t fit on my machine so it’s back to the hand crank!!

Crank crank crank… Equals (after some faffing about ) TADA!!

Long frankfurter / hot dogs!! Cool huh?

Right.. Well Joe said to me that they would need boiling at 80 degrees for forty minutes to ‘set’ properly..

This is where i don’t know what I have done wrong.. ? I have twisted the dogs as you would.. Yet they are unraveling ?? Yeeks! I need to call Joe on Monday..

So stopped that process and popped into an oven at 160 degrees (real money .. Haha )

These now taste just like great franks.. Yet look a bit weird..

Have decided that they will make a great base for sausage rolls…

Must get this stage nailed .. Need to get ahold of Joe ..








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  1. They are good but it is kind of gross when you watch a documentary on how they’re made. It’s probably why I haven’t really eaten one in years! Once in a blue moon for me now.


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