Christmas turkey.. In Feb.. Fiesta food

Do you remember the discount turkeys I bought Christmas Eve?

If not here you go!

(Hope that link works!) x

Anyways.. Looking in the chest freezer at my meat collection, I call it that because it really is quite a collection indeed!

I stumbled upon a couple if things.. One being this turkey, jointed and stuffed already.. Planning ahead see..!

And a pork joint I will turn into savaloy’s later.. ( watch another space)

Do the turkey.. Feck ! I forgot how darn long it takes to cook!! Sheesh!

So cooked covered with foil.. Then foil off for the last.. Left to cool..

Now here was my master plan.. Instead of crispy duck pancakes.. I am going for turkey pancakes instead!!

Cool huh? Actually yes V cool

This is leg meat so lends itself well for this.. Shredded the meat with a tale if two forks .. Don’t ever say I don’t give a ‘fork’…

Added some Chinese five spice powder to give it the taste.. A drop of fish sauce and chilli salt..

Put a small pat of jersey butter on top of each ramekin.. And ping pinged it ..

Blinking lovely!! Like really lovely!!

Served with the usual .. Chinese pancakes heated up.. Spring onion and cucumber .. Yet with a touch of plum vinegar and salt as a kinda quick pickle I guess?? Tasty anyways!

And of course hoi sin sauce..

Great supper indeed .. Fiesta food?

Why it’s fiesta Friday right?










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20 replies

  1. Yep!! I remember this post!! and I still say…YUM… 🙂 I’m printing this whole post up. I need to make these. Maybe with the pig hand?? 🙂


  2. Excellent, Mr Fitz! I’ll give this a go. I think I can.


  3. Delicious post as always! And of course the last photo is my favorite! Is this Mr. Wentworth or Cora?


  4. It’s never a bad time for a turkey. NEVER. 🙂 Happy FF to you!


  5. Your post has suddenly made me very hungry! 🙂


  6. I love duck pancakes, was it as tasty? Looks really good and making my mouth water



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