It’s a sausage fest in the kitchen..

Still on the use up campaign from the proteins ‘hunted ‘ from the depths if one if the freezers.. This is the tale of a shoulder of pork..

This porky protein has been in there hiding since before Christmas, so was high time to get used .. Sausages of course!

Three wise types.. Just under 4 kilo total..

First removed the rind from the shoulder . Some say add the rind to the sausage.. Never done that (yet..)

The rind kept for some cracklings..

Chopped the shoulder up and added some saved fatty trim .

Minced twice.. Oh no hang on.. I reserved a kilo of only passed through the mincer once meat.. For chorizo ..

The rest got passed through the finest grinder I have , around 3mm I think..

Then the secret seasonings and additions, old dubliner seasoning, Lincolnshire and the chorizo …

Decided on these as the chorizo is always a winner, Mrs Fitz prefers the plainer variety, and I was talking with a pal about breakfast sausages and also sausages for bangers and mash.. I think these will be just perfect for future meals..

Also have made these all gluten free ..

Why? I like the texture of the gluten free rusk . And it means that you add less water . Maybe I will change my mind.. Yet for now this produces great bangers..

So.. Three types ready for action ..

The hog casings and some sheeps casings soaked and ready to get stuffed!!

Using the machine for the porky boys.. Yet umm have forgotten which are wish.. Pantaloons!! Oops!

And the hand crank for the chorizo..

All stuffed and hung off the kitchen cupboards.. Just to settle then placed in the fridge for the night.. Need to go fetch some soft rolls for sausage sarnies I reckon..

Good sausage making event … And that’s a good thing, homemade sausages are the business..

If you don’t make them you really should .. Like really should.. Failing that.. Find a nice chap like Mr Fitz ahem.. They may donate you some instead…

Happy fiesta Friday ..







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17 replies

  1. Can I also move into your street and maybe, ahem, come have breakfast sausage all the time? I think that could be a great arrangement. Patty and I could both be great neighbors. 😀


  2. Mr. Fitz, let’s be neighbors!


  3. My husband and I were just discussing that we should invest in a sausage grinder… and start making sausage!! You must have been reading my mind!! I love the photos of the sausage hanging from the cupboards!! Lol.. This is an awesome post, Mr Fitz! -)


  4. You sure love sausages, another thing we have in common! And you quite inspire me to try sausage-making at home. Just picked up some hog casings, just need to get the sausage attachment for my KItchenAid. I hope I can do this.


  5. That piece of pork looks delicious. That skin looks good but it would have been even gooder if you had cut off a lot more of the fat with it and made your delicious crackling. I don’t know if you were in the pub tonight but some bloke brought in what he called scratchings and they awful, no fat just hard baked skin. You could suck them and the flavour was good. Nowhere near your beautiful crackling. 😉


  6. Sausage fest indeed! Hahaha – they look divine! Do you sell them or just store them in your freezer?



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