Mid week (almost!) roast beef super supper!

Do you recall the various proteins I hoiked out of one of the freezers?

Well this is the beefs turn.. It’s got to be roast beef.. A great piece of corner cut.. Simply dressed with chilli salt and my new batch of mrs Middletons oil..

Oven at 230 degrees ( real money) .. For the twenty minute sizzle .. Then down to 160 did another 15 minutes only.. The resting period is the same as the cooking period.. As you will see from the temp guide .. Perfectly rare.

The resting period finishes it off perfectly!!

To go with? Gotta be roasties of course!! Anointed with angus beef dripping to get them going..

Part boiled and placed under the cow..

Also some crushed swede cooked with rosemary and crushed with a fork and jersey butter, maldon salt and Bristol blend pepper.. Frickin delicious!!

And chanterney heritage carrots dressed in jersey butter and herbes de Provence . Wild tasting!!

A gravy made from cheaty meaty stock and the veg juices..

A little dollop of horseradish and there you have it .. A midweek roast of kings.. And a wonderful homely smelling house to boot ..

Oh and a couple of those great artisan sherbet lemons for dessert .. Happy boy.. Happy ,,,








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11 replies

  1. Looks perfect beef! How do you keep it warm whilst resting it for that long? That’s the problem I always seem to have


  2. Yum.. What a beautiful dinner!! Perfectly cooked roast beef.. Crispy potatoes… Makes for a very happy dinner! 🙂


  3. Now that’s a real roast beef, done to perfection. Also the best way to get great roast tatties. Surprised the tatties were roasted in that time at these temperatures. When can I taste a slice my friend?


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