Onglet, hanger steak, hassleback spuds with sour cream and chives

Onglet or hanger steak.. In my view THE best steak there is.. Stunning.. Hard to get ahold of unless you can make good friends with a butcher..

And I have just that butcher!!

Ian in Earls Barton.. A superb butchers.. A wonderful provenance, keen eye for great beasts and a lovely sense of humour to boot!

Ok it’s a bit of a journey for me yet it’s worth it . This is old school butchery.. Proper ..

After a good catch up ( it’s been a while since I last visited ) .. And a study of the cold room.. Ian cut me the most fine and fantastic whole onglet.. A cut often found in France yet so tough to find elsewhere!

That’s him pointing out the cut in the pic!

This steak needs to be cooked real quick. Like really quick!! So onto that in a moment..

To go with the mouthwatering delight? Hassleback potatoes.. Good ‘muddy’ spuds for this . Cuts made into the spud.. Skewered and coated in Mrs Middletons pimped Lebanese herb oil .. Wild fresh rosemary spears popped into the cuts.. Cooked till crisp.. These are great.. It’s like a multi spudula .. Fries, baked and semi roast all in one .. How cool is that!!!

A topping of sour cream and snipped chives from the garden .. With some crisped pieces of Mr Fitz home cured belly bacon.

And the steak.. Simply seasoned and placed into a hot pan.. Ttssshhhh tttssshhhh tttttssssshhhh DONE!!

Served with a great pimped butter from my pal jack.. Delicious flavours!! Thanks Jack!

And a drop of horseradish ..

Frickin delicious baby!!

Loved this supper.. Can’t wait to get my paws on another fine onglet .. Wonderful! Thanks Ian the butcher !!










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6 replies

  1. Mr Fitz

    Those potatoes look serious are they straight in the oven? How high and how long?


  2. If you get an opportunity, please check out our blog and let us know what you think. We’re new to blogging but having a lot of fun. Our kids have inspired us to share many of our recipes and ideas on entertaining. What I’m finding to be difficult is getting folks to view/follow our blog. any insight you might have would be very welcome. Thanks and best regards, Dave.


  3. Thanks very much for this posting. I saw the butcher near us was selling Hanger Steak and I had no idea what that cut was all about. I was intending to purchase dry aged filet mignon (also very hard to find) but they were sold out. I asked about how to cook and he suggest a quick sear on the stove top and finish in the oven. I tried that but the found the steak to be very tough. Any suggestions or thoughts as to what I did wrong? Thanks in advance. By the way, very nice blog.


    • No worries! Hanger steak is brilliant !! The best cut ever!! You are lucky to have the butcher selling it!! I must say though.. It can ONLY be cooked real quick though.. It won’t be bloody .. Yet a wee bit on the rare side! Filet mignonette is also a lovely cut.. I think best served that old school way of wild mushrooms Worcestershire sauce and flambéed with brandy.. Forget what that’s called yet it’s wonderful!!! Hmmm Ahhh yumm x any hoo.. Don’t over cook the hanger steak though.. That’s the key!! Make sure the wine is poured before you put the steak into the pan! It’s that quick!! Hope that helps and thanks for liking the blog!!


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