Sooooper Sunday lunch!

You remember the pie club joint?

Turns out they also do Sunday lunch. Proper English Sunday roast.. We couldn’t wait!

Mrs Fitz decided we were going at midday for first servings.. So off we drove..

We were the first and only people there, that’s cool it’s early.. Greeted very warmly indeed. We took our choice of seats.

Offered the menus and talked through the soup choice .. Originally planning on just having the mains yet went for it instead..

It’s really worth mentioning here that all the food is homemade, sourced locally and cooked by an extremely competent chef.. Like frickin serious!

This is an untold gem of a place., trust me .. I know some doctors…

Mrs Fitz gone for the minestrone soup . Me the scotch egg. Now.. As you may be aware I make BRILLIANT scotch eggs . So let’s see huh?

Well.. OMFG!! The soup was soooper hearty and a was fresh.. With some wonderful homemade bread..

The scotch egg? Killer! Warm and runny.. Still think mine is better as I go for duck egg instead. And of course Mr Fitz sausage meat.. Yet this was a seriously good competent contender x

Onto the mains..

Naturally Mrs Fitz went for the roasted sirloin.. I went for the shoulder if lamb.

My goodness !!!!!! The plates came out .. And were happy indeedo!

Mrs Fitz’s roast sirloin was brilliant! My lamb very good yet too ‘fine’ I prefer the more knarly parts of a roast lamb..

Yet with fresh mint sauce , fresh hot horseradish , great roast spuds.. Heritage carrots in a sweetened mustard dressing.. Broccoli and cabbage and a cauliflower cheese ( which Mrs Fitz said was lovely) ..

This was tremendous food.. Truly delicious indeed!!

Onto desert.. I made room when they said that the ice cream each really homemade.. Not that sneaky homemade which is actually massed produced..

Jeez loo eeze !! This is marvellous ice cream!! Banana caramel, milk chocolate, coconut, and HHS most incredible dark chocolate ice cream I think I have ever had the lucky pleasure if eating . EVER!!

This chef is truly talented .. Truly …

Now this place just needs to advertise .. As everyone I have mentioned it to had no idea that they are there it open!! Let alone just how darn good the food is…

And the mad thing is that just along the same road is a chain place trawling out sub-standard food and ridiculous prices ( for what you get.. )

Man I was So So tempted to drive over there and tell every one that they missed the turning and musta ended up in the wrong joint!!

A wonderful Sunday lunch..










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8 replies

  1. Good hearty food! Thank you for the follow.


  2. Hey Mr Fitz,

    Thanks for the Sunday Lunch review. Glad you enjoyed so much and looking forward to your next visit.

    See you soon

    Chef Alan


  3. Thank you Mr. Fitz. I have always thought of trying the Inn. Now I will definitely give it a go. Thanks again.


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