Rice fry with Polish sausage and ham

My pal Jack Taylor has great polish family in his son in law.. I say great..

Never met them yet they made sure I got some hams and sausages on a recent trip back home.. So YES! They are great!

Been waiting for a reason to try them out.. Tonites supper for instance!!

The rice fry..

Been ages since I had a rice fry.. I forget I like them so much !

Easy peasey to make too!

Chopped onion and peppers.. Roscoff garlic and some if the smoked lamb from the other day that had been frozen.. A chunk of chorizo, And the wonderful ham and country sausage from Poland. I must say the sausage had me envious!! Meaty and smoked very well .. I must start thinking about charcuterie .. Hmmm

Added a Mr Fitz banger to make me feel better ..

All fried up.. With a packet of Mickey wave uncle bens Mexican rice pack..

A splash of soy sauce a shake of pomegranate powder.. Superb that stuff!!

And a brilliant rice fry is born.. Eaten hot from the pan..

Rice fry is good .. Good indeed

And for desert ? A home made sherbet lemon.. I was lucky enough to be given a couple by my pal Wally he gets them from a village shop.. Under the counter.. They are made by a 76 year old I hear.. I am going after them this week. Wonder of I am going to succeed..






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3 replies

  1. Pomegranate powder, how did I did not know such a thing existed? Combined with smoked pork products, no wonder it’s a favourite. Ideas…


  2. What a great way to enjoy those Polish sausages. I will definitely try this dish. See you in the Nags later. Well done


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