Sausages , bangers , links or snags..

Whatever you call them .. A good sausage is the business!!

Every nation in the world has their own versions.. And most are stunning!

Yet what about the bad ones.. Oooh they can be evil!! Poor quality meat.. If it can actually be called meat.. Strange fillers and petro-chemical flavours and additives.. Yuck!

That’s why I started my sausage making ways all that time ago, just fed up like most people with either paying way over the odds for them or getting rubbish..

Been sharing my sausages with quite a few people for a while.. Sharing it is as cannot sell them! Yet they make great bartering merchandise… And even better gifts!

As you may recall my machine has been outta action.. Maybe a little overworked .. Dunno..

And the hand crank machine has had to come back into play .. Which is actually the perfect machine for using sheeps casings .. You need to be gentle with them ., so made some lovely new recipe ‘smokies’ ..

First the meat pure pork trim for these, and a smokey mix from my Scottish pal Joe.. Normally destined for bratwurst type sausages.. Yet with the addition of some extra seasonings ala Mr Fitz they are smelling great!!

Hand cranked out.. And linked pretty long.. I reckon these are going to be stunners!!

And then just as I was getting bored of the hand crank.. A knock at the door !

The new machine has arrived hurrah!

Fantastic customer service from these people.. Truly brilliant!

So a quick soaking of the hog casings means that the spicy garlicky numbers I had been planning can get made!!

Gone for a pork and beef mix.. A base of old Dublin seasoning . Yet smacked up with Mexican heat and garlic and other ‘secrets’ .. This is a Mr Fitz special for sure. Genius!!

Now really gotta get into writing these recipes down!!

The machine works a treat. And fills the hog casings with ease..

Linked and into the fridge for the bloom . This is the most important part.. The bloom..

Off delivering them to happy people.. That’s me kept in pints for a while!!






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  1. nothing is as good as a good Cumberland swirl sausage


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