Soup and a Sanger .. Plus argee bargees

For lunch today it was a raiding of the store cupboard required , lots of work to do !

The store cupboards provided well ..

A good tuna and sweet corn sandwich for Mrs Fitz, pimped a little extra with fine grated Italian cheeses, Turkish red pepper and diced jalapeños .. With some mushroom soup .. Heinz of course!

An for me?

Decided to go for pakora, bahji, fritters on whatever you wish to call them!

To make the batter add the following ridiculous list of stuff! Sure you don’t really need all these ingredients .. Yet this was a pillage of the cupboards remember !!

A base of gram flour, onion powder, garlic powder, mango powder, garam masala, fenugreek powder, cumin powder, ajwani seeds, Bristol blend pepper, salt, herbes de Provence , chicken powder , baking powder and whooped up with water..

For the ‘filling’ chopped white onion, cauliflower , Turkish red pepper, sweet rocket leaves taken from the garden ( nice day today although a little cold) .. And a couple of shallots… All mixed up..

Fried in mrs Middletons oil. Just hot my new supply! With a lovely birthday not from Whizz.. Cool!

Done till crispy.. And drained on brown paper.. Little tip there if you wish to keep fried food crisp.. Don’t use paper towels or cloth .. Use brown paper.. Don’t know the science behind it.. Yet it works…

They were delightfully delicious indeed !

Hmmm now… What for supper?







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