Lebanese are good Lebanese is good..

Went for a Lebanese supper .. Now me and Mrs Fitz truly dig Lebanese food I think it rates in the top three for sure.. Hmmm what are he other two??

Must work that out sometime..

Anyhoo.. This is the Lebanese rester-aunt in the Viceroy in Yas Island. .. It’s called Atayeb.. Had a good feeling about this one ..

Great welcome on entry .. Genuine smiles and ‘god evenings’.. Cool!

It began well.., (note began..)..

Lovely breads, humous and that wonderful parsley salad thingy.. Must remember to make that at home this weekend.. Just must! Will see if Mrs Fitz will rustle up some of her flatbreads..

Felling rather pleased with myself I eagerly awaited the next course. ..

Because this is sure to be a feast right?

Umm ooops! The next course was the cheese pastry ( no good for Mr Fitz) or one .. Yes you read that correct! ONE lamb kibbeh thingy.. Hahahahahaha you jesting with me right? Where’s the cameras I gotta be getting punked here??

What? No cameras? No chap in a baseball hat leaping out on me? Huh?

What’s the story?

Ok.. Scrap it.. Put that behind.. Park it..

The next course has to shame that.. Has to.. We gotta save this.. My excitement is waining .. My appetite increasing!

So it arrives..

What do we get.. Ummm kebabs

Kofte, lamb, chicken.. And chips!

Not great chips and if you know me then you know my big bear about inferior fries.. (If you don’t know then take a looksie at prior posts..)and not a great mixed grill.. A real shame indeed.. A real shame.. This was not a good representation of Lebanese cuisine..

And such a shame, such a such a shame..

Dessert? Dates and sticky sweet pastries..

When I get home I am making me and Mrs Fitz some Lebanese stylee cuisine to cheer us both up..

For sure..






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  1. Well, you just have a charmed life, don’t you. I’ve very much enjoyed your posts.


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