Cottage pie supper

Still in use up mode!

Gone for the ultimate comfort food.. Well one if them at least !

Cottage pie .. Mmmmm even just saying it out loud makes you start to feel snuggled and dreamy.. cottage pie

And I must say that this was an exceptional one .. Exceptional..

First browned the mince beef , for like , ages and ages .. Adding bisto powder and veg bouillon powder on top of the meat .. Letting the flavour do it’s magico.. Adding finely chopped onion, roscoff garlic, celery and baby plum tomatoes, Finally turning it all into itself and adding the beef gravy from the roast beef and water and super tomato purée..

Letting that plinky plop away for another age.. Then adding a can of French petit pois and carrots and once more letting the mix hardly tremble at all..

Finally placing the pot on top of the chopped Maris pipers to make the mash topping

Mashed the spuds with the help of some wonderful creamy jersey butter.. A pinch of mace, Bristol blend pepper and maldon sea salt.. Also folding in the remainder of the mashed swede left over from the roast beef supper..

Built the pie.. Went to the pub.. To swap sausages for pints.. Went a little too well!! Hic!

Returned from pub. With my pal Ben..

Put pie into the oven at 200 degrees (real money).. For twenty minutes..

Simply served with stokes ketchup.. A stunning supper!! Stunning indeed!

Ben was made up with supper as was I ..

And for desert ? Honeycomb clotted cream ice-cream, Scottish shortbread , maple syrup and frozen daim bar.. Try freezing them it really works! And a shot if calvados ..

Finishing with a cup of mint tea and a cake!!

Ok.. Maybe a wee bit much sugar.. A little jumped up!! Great supper though., and sweet dreams ahead!!









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