St Patricks last supper (for 2014)

Well there we go .. It’s over.. Time to put away the green dyes and clothes till next year.. Possibly nurse your heads a little.. Ahem..

Well what was the final supper?

The fish pie for Mrs Fitz seemed to have gone down very well . And my pea and potato croquettes worked well .. The ham was good if course .. the addition of the duck egg fried on beef dripping heart achingly good.. !!

Enough guac left over for a lunch today .. My taste buds seem a little dull.. Probably the cigars and pints of the black stuff! Still that guac will zing them right back up..

A breakfast of lemon curd yoghurt . Apple , passion fruits and an English muffin is required..

So all in all very good..

Happy St Patricks day 2014







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