Pea & potato croquettes for st Patricks day plus easy peasey guacamole

My pal lucysfriendlyfoods published a great recipe for potato and pea croquettes, I have been waiting for a time to make these and what better than st Patricks day!! I will be having these for my paddys day super later with some thick cut ham and homemade guacamole ..

All green food right? Ummm hope the ham ain’t green though!!

I kept some of the potatoes crushed up with the Bristol blend pepper, sea salt and enriched with the duck yolk..

Added some frozen petit pois.. Some reserved watercress , spinach and rocket roughly chopped .. A drizzle of mrs Middletons pimped up Italian chilli oil .. and shaped into croquette shapes .. And lucysfriendlyfoods is right! No further egg was needed ..

Just rolled in those wicked orange dried breadcrumbs .. They are the business for these kinda dishes I swear to ya!!

They are sitting pretty in the fridge now.. Man I am looking to our supper!!

Ok. The guacamole ..

If you don’t make it fresh you really should!! Stop buying the store stuff!!

Once you have done this you ain’t going back!!

Taken two ripe avocados.. Scooped out and smushed with a fork.. Chopped two lovely red choice tomatoes.. A red onion and a roscoff garlic.. Squeezed lemon juice ( would have preferred lime yet am out!)

All mixed up with chilli salt .. And that is it!! Really that is it!! Dee-frickin-lish-oous.. Trust me.. St Patrick is my homeboy..

For now? Off for another pint of the black stuff .. I reckon I have earned it right?

Happy st Patricks day

Love Mr Fitz







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  1. Great green foods! Yum!


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