St Patricks day fishy pie..

As mentioned before.. Am making Mrs Fitz a lovely fish pie for st paddys day supper..

So here it is!! I went to the store and got a handful of fresh mixed fish..

Made a good milky parsley sauce and poached the fish until cooked in the sauce.. Adding frozen petit pois and some watercress , spinach and rocket..

Peeled and boiled new potatoes ..

Boiled in ‘loose’ chicken stock & bay leaves , smelling delicious ! Would make a good potato soup.. Hmm that’s one to remember..

So boiled two duck eggs.. Once cooked and cooled dusted in a little celery salt..

Eggs into the bottom of the dish.. Fish mix poured atop ..

The potatoes drained and crushed, with Bristol blend pepper and sea salt.. The addition of a duck yolk as well to really enrich the spuds..

Crushed up.. Placed on the top of the fish pie mix.. Sprinkled with three Italian finely grated cheeses.. Fresh breadcrumbs.. And a drop of Worcestershire sauce..

Popped in the fridge ready for tonite..

I reckon it’s pretty frickin cool indeed..







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