Home made chilli, salsa and chips

We like chilli… Not the searingly hot kick your in the teeth and pull your pants down type though .. A nicer gentler variety!

Ok, for sure there are a gazillion ways of making chilli’s.. Yet this one is quick and easy.. Just what was called for ..

First find the beef mince in the chest freezer that already has the chilli herbs and spices mixed in.. Easy..

Defrost, brown and add a can if chopped tomatoes, some sherry vinegar , special tomato purée .. And some other bits and pieces..

Now the beans.. I am not a fan of red kidney beans, I prefer the white.. Dunno why that’s just how it is ok?

Thank you ..

Adding them to the chilli and leaving it all to bubble away nicely..

Onto the chips.. Kinda homemade chips.. Take store bought corn tortillas, cut them into whatever size triangles floats your boat .. And fry in mrs Middletons rapeseed oil.. Doing them in batches, and then into the oven on the ‘warm’ setting.. Dusting them with a taco seasoning mix packet .. Trust me these are V cool chips!

A salsa of use up stuff .. Three quite ripe tomatoes, a red onion, half a green pepper, half a red pepper, a can of chopped jalepenos . Some salt and pepper.. Umm some other stuff too!!

Build it up as you wish.. A plop of sour cream and Yee-haaaa!

Supper is served ..








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4 replies

  1. Tried your Chili, but with red kidney beans, you just can’t mess with the beans. Combined with my parsnip chips ….. brilliant


  2. That looks like a bowl of goodness.


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