Baked potatoes for comfort..

Was a lovely day yesterday, sure the house guest left and that always leaves Mrs Fitz a little sad.. Yet it was a lovely weather day..

HOWEVER! Sheesh! What the heck happened today batpeople? Rain like you would not believe for this time o’year.. Nasty.. Oh.. And left the washing on the line… Yeah… You with me huh! X

So: for supper.. A sure fire requirement for a food stuff like a good quilt.. A huggy snuggly supper that would enrobe you in the feeling of warmth.. Shoot all we needed was a crackling log fire and frosted windows and we could been straight out of a happy holiday season re-run!!! X

Baked spuds.. Marfona variety.. (They always stand well).. Pierced with a fine skewer.. Massaged with sunflower oil.. Dusted with fine french sea salt.. Baked.. Man I love that smell of baking potatoes.. It just makes ya feel good.. X.. A fine salad dressed.. Good butter.. Bristol pepper.. Feta and Tuna for Mrs Fitz.. Ala natural for moi..

Nice.. Real nice ..

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