Breakfast sausages ..

With all these sausages hanging about it would be very silly indeed not to snaffle a couple for breakfast .. So I did!! Baked at 180 for twenty minutes or so.. Popped into a buttered soft roll. A dollop of… Read More ›

Mashed spuds..?

How do you mash yours? .. Like a school paper .. Discuss (or disgust!).. From the lazy can of ‘aliens’ giggling in their metal suits.. To the now purchasable cartons of so called mash.. Nothing really better than boiling some… Read More ›

Baked spuds

Can’t beat them huh? The crisp outside , the super-dooper soft an fluffy inner.. The addition of butter, a good twistin of pepper (think Bristol blend).. A sprinkle of good rock salt.. And salad.. Yup salad… I aint really good… Read More ›