Mashed spuds..?

How do you mash yours? .. Like a school paper .. Discuss (or disgust!).. From the lazy can of ‘aliens’ giggling in their metal suits.. To the now purchasable cartons of so called mash.. Nothing really better than boiling some spuds and whooping them up..

Its old school food.. Nobody can ever say that they have never enjoyed mashed spuds..
On a topping for a great pie? With bangers? Perhaps just with a kinda gravy and peas?

Its the ultimate comfort food.. As much as you can crush, champ, fry, bubble them.. Mashed spuds are cool.. Final x

My driver Fulham Dave has his own masher.. He actually keeps it in the boot if his Prius.. It for sure scares me a little that he keeps it there.. God knows what else! However he really is a man that can mash anywhere any place.. And as an ex- long history chap am sure it has seen many things.. Gods bless..

Still, with the addition of a mix of good butter, marg, olive oil, egg yolk or any of ya combos plus a level of milk.. Herbage to choose as with mustards.. Ricers.. Pulses, sticks or fashioned beaters.. (An of course salts and peppers.. Yet don’t even start on the combos!! Every family must have their choices.. Each extremely worthy of a feature.. You cannot beat mashed spuds.. I would bet my last oreo that it would feature in everyone’s top 5 as a fave dish x

Serve with whatever it for sure is the ultimate starch.. Right? X

Anyways.. Enough ramblings.. Why this post?

To show ya Fulham Daves masher.. Owned since they invented plastics.. Loved, trusted, abused and still loved.. Excellent results every time.. X now thats a kitchen appliance worth a posting x

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