Baked spuds

Can’t beat them huh? The crisp outside , the super-dooper soft an fluffy inner.. The addition of butter, a good twistin of pepper (think Bristol blend).. A sprinkle of good rock salt.. And salad.. Yup salad… I aint really good with salad to be fair.. Yet somehow tonites salad with a good dressing just seems to work.. How’s Mrs Fitz? Fecked.. Seriously.. Been to the quacks.. Bad bad chest coughing like a good-un.. infection.. She will live.. Antibiotics and rest.. Rest Mrs Fitz don’t do so well.. X

Gonna have to.. Tough x

OK! Spuds.. Lovely.. That bit where you truly feel like home is home.. Kitchen feels and smells warmy , cozy and cuddly.. Like a big eniromental hug..

Addition of salad the dressing an butter.. (Remember the bristol blend pepper, just what is it with that?)…

Do have them for your supper.. Just do it! X

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