I knew it would work! Those (Kebabs) x

Remember all those kebabs I made the other day? The dee-luscionous of the comforting, mouth tenerderley (that is a word I swear!) Yet a wee bit spikey meaty treat.. ????

Well Mrs Fitz dreadful with the cough & cold.. She took some Dim sum for that softy velverty (another word.. Trust me!) Mouth an throat feel.. With a lip smacking shoyu sauce mixed with a small piece of chili sauce whisked in..

I ON THE OTHER HAND (caps on porpoise).. Had the lovely jubbly kebab.. Nuked for 3 max on a 60 setting.. Yup 4 +2 X 10 setting..

A wonderful Bhatura piece of flatbread.. Fresh leaves.. Peppers, spring onions and a whack of green mexican salsa. Lastly a whoosh of heinz steak sauce.. It worked.. No.. It REALLY worked… My gods it worked..
Now that really was a trip around the world all twisted up into a lovely satisfaction guaranteed snack a rooney x

Try it.. No… Do try it.. I am gonna make another 2 kilos of those kebabs this weekend.. Diarize (that’s a word too x) it baby!

Nite nite x

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