Linton College Sausage

Ok.. Had to bite the bullet an shop at the new Waitrose we now have… I hate it .. Really I HATE it.. As you mebbe are aware I have been shopping an eating at Waitrose from a very early age.. VERY x

Buggers went and moved the store near us.. Why? Who knows ? Not even the gods… X

Yet they still only sell the yogurt me & mrs Fitz like for brekkie.. Buzzards.. X

So.. saw these sausages reduced from stoopid price.. Too not so bad price.. Hooked them up.. X

Made some fresh fries with wonderful Cyprus spuds.. A little head of broccoli as greens.. A wala.. Supper is served..

Rather nice also! X

Sausage detail below.. (Only buy it on a reduced price ticket.. Serious.. X) kinda like the Dalehead ham to be fair x

Ok.. Press number below.. Nite x (below spelling issues not mine either x)

Linton students see their sausage creation go on sale at Waitrose Written byADAM LUKE

21/05/13 sw sausages21/05/13 – Pupils from Linton Village college visit Dalehead Foods in Linton to taste the sausage their developed which will now be on sale in Waitrose Stores.
Four school pupils got a taste of success this week when the sausage they designed was mass produced for a supermarket chain.

As part of their Linton Village College food technology course late last year, Lauren Cole, Bethany Wrenn, Andrew Martin and Francesca Robb formed team ‘Seasonal Sensations’ and came up with the ingredients, marketing campaign, packaging and storyboard for a spiralled sharing sausage.

And having defeated all-comers, the 14-year-olds’ family pork sausage, packed full of hearty winter root vegetables such as parsnips, leeks and carrots, was launched at Dalehead Foods in Linton on Tuesday ahead of it being sold at nearly 50 Waitrose branches.

The judging panel included Waitrose meat counter buyer, Andy Boulton, and Waitrose head of sustainability and ethical sourcing, Quentin Clark.

Mr Boulton said: “The team created something innovative using a delicious combination of ingredients. Roasted vegetables are really popular at the moment so I know it will be a big hit with our shoppers.”

Francesca added: “It is pretty amazing to see our recipe going on sale in Waitrose and it is very tasty!”

Dalehead Foods and Linton Village College are both members of the Business in the Community initiative and teamed up for an Olympic-themed project last summer.

Ian Simmons, head of business and enterprise at LVC, said: “This project has shown the importance of businesses working with schools to provide an exciting extension to their normal curriculum.”

by Taboola
From the Web (not from cooking with Mr Fitz dot com.. ) X

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