Chicken tikka wraps

Chicken Tikka.. Yum Yum Yummy..

What is it about that juicy, yielding, sour yet spikey pieces of delight that makes this food such a wonderful make you smile number?

The smells as they circle the kitchen are truly exotic.. Memories of the travels to the colonies.. Anticipation of knowing that this is gonna be some fine eating ahead.. Oooh I could have it again right now! (Apart from am sitting in the back of a cab) x

Take chicken thighs.. About a Kilo.. I prefer thighs.. The meat seems to have more depth? Depth? Really? Can chicken actually have depth? Dunno.. Yet I reckon you know what I mean!

Skin and bone them.. I would leave the bone in for larger pieces, these are for skewers..

Chop up.. Then get a pack of Shan chicken tandoori powder.. I cannot recommend it enough.. It has all the regular components and then some.. Check it out.. That’s why the gods invented google.. X

Mix powder with 100 ML of buttermilk, then add another 150 ML of real low fat yogurt

Add chicken to the marinade.. Place covered in the refrigerator for as long as you can handle it.. At least a couple of hours..

Wearing protective gloves and an apron, trust me on this! Skewer up the chicken.. Mopping up the sauce over the now wonderful stix of meat.. You gotta love meat on a stick.. In fact its probably my favorite way of eating pole-tree x

Out comes the skillet.. Get it hot yet not smoking.. ease on the skewers.. Using tongs turn when browny.. They won’t stick to the bars if you get it just so!

Chop up some salad.. The addition of beetroot works well here.. Or even just a tomato and onion salad.. Nice!

Warm up the flatbreads.. Or make them if you so feel.. The good thing about these bought ones is they have been fired in a clay oven.. And they warm up real well ..

Bread, salad, meat on a stick.. Done x

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