Shepherds Pie with French beans..

Sorry no posting! Been busy.. X

Am off to NYC today, looking forward to trying out this Korean Rice pudding joint I have heard about!

Yet here was our deee– LISSSS— shhhus lunch yesterday..

Made the shepherds pie the usual way.. Browning mince, onions, peas carrots and a little stock..

Boiling and mashing some very good red potatoes, although so blinkin small it took ages to peel the buggers! Addition of just a little too much butter, fine sea salt, bristol pepper (remember that other post?) (Just what is it that makes that pepper so so good?)

Went for small dishes for presentation and ease .. Mrs Fitz has cheese on hers I can’t abide the stuff!!

I used to have a pal who ate his pie with cold baked beans.. Just wrong if you ask me

Bake in oven at 200 for 30 mins..

When oven goes beep, throw green beans into fry pan.. A glug of good chilean olive oil.. Mighty fine that oil! Thinly sliced garlic.. And a little vegetarian chilli oil.. This would to be fair make a wonderful light supper on its own with a piece of country bread..

Anyways.. Lovely x

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  1. Enjoy NYC Mr. Fitz! Pics and thoughts re. Korean rice pudding joint pls! Three suggestions:

    (1) – OK they can’t carry Cubans BUT the shop is a great experience and the Montecristo Platinum Series can hold its own with an entry level Cuban in terms of build quality and flavour.

    (2) – The second best thing in Brooklyn after the botanics (where you may still catch the Magnolia orchards in full bloom). A foodie paradise. Would love to know your opinion re. Queen Magesty Hot Sauce (Scotch Bonnet peppers and Ginger).

    (3) – Little Egypt in Astoria. Hookah lounges aplenty and reasonably price food which tastes of errmm well food.

    Have fun!x


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