Car snacks..

You gotta have them.. A tradition for a road trip, worldwide.. Its a tradition for our house..

I used to make great ones when traveling to London to work.. I used to pick up a pal, yet the nite before would plan our car snacks.. I think the best was rolled chorizo stuffed with pork crackling.. Feck.. They were blinkin good and really not the thing for a 6 am start.. Better than coffee though!

We also used to take entire indian suppers.. That’s what happens when the traffic is that badm. Mind you.. My pal Ramsay used to be quite clever indeed at rolling the rotis yet snaffling most of the tandoori meat.. (And you though I never noticed huh!) X

So.. After a good time away in NYC then Marseille I got picked up by Mrs Fitz.. And she has taken on the tradition of fantastic car snacks..

This time one of my faves.. Lettuce cups with achar keema.. And sour cream.. Built inside the truck for freshness.. Real noce these.. And exact a mundo what you need from a long journey, the crisp leaves each one selected for its ‘stuffable’ qualities.. The salty sweet tang of the achar keema, far nore delicate than the usual pea and onion with masala version.. No searing heat here, just a ‘hum’ of spice.. The kinda late nite snack on a hot and humid nite by the road you need..

Place the meaty mix inside the lettuce ‘cup’.. Add sour cream.. Roll up take a bite x enjoy.. (Perhaps not at a ‘sensible’ mph on the highway..x)

It is delicious man.. Seriously delicious.. X thanks Mrs Fitz x love you x

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