Breakfast in Frankfurt

Breakfast.. Hotel breakfast.. A hit and miss affair! All around the world I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many breakfasts.. Most now seem to follow the ‘norms’… Fruits, not -really local varieties that look pretty yet not sweet nor ripe.. Yogurts.. packaged.. Breads, tasteless butter.. Various jams, cold cuts.. And often a wild-card! Oh plus the omelet station.. Then the menu options..this is where it can get interesting..x

Anyways.. Despite a price that is somewhat fearsome.. A good supper could be bought and also a very fine dinner for many could be made for the cost of breakfast…! (I think the expense account dwellers are responsible for this crazy scenario! Surely that’s gotta change now? Right?)..


Nice tea selection.. Although over filled pots.. Which then leak on the table whilst pouring!.. Various pretty looking up-scale options on the tables.. And the menu kitchen open and you can hear the ping of the egg timers.. And thankfully not the mickeywave!

Frankfurters in frankfurt.. At last! Yet hmmm check the picture.. The description on the card also said served with toast.. You see any? Still I had the franks.. They were ok..I guess.. With the 3 minute egg that took over twenty to get to me .. Breakfast was complete.. Worth it? You see the prices on the card and decide.. X A fancy dinner for many instead? Maybe… X

(Had more franks at the airport too.. (Terminal 2) (thanks Father x)…

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