Sausage, Beans & Mash

If you eat sausages you have to love sausage beans an mash.. Its just one of those dishes.. From babies to oldies.. Everyone can enjoy the comforting dish of meaty (yet not too meaty) sausages.. Just caught on the outside, buttery mash with salt and a little white pepper.. And Beans.. Heinz only as my Father would say..! (I quite like the economy versions to be fair.. Just add more ketchup!)

This version though has a Mr Fitz twist.. I remember eating this ‘pie’ as a kid.. It makes me smile and brings back some happy and some kinda strange memories! Yet hey! that’s what food is for right? X

So to make this memorable dish..

I am using Nuremburg sausages this time, I think they have a lovely taste and are in a mutton casing.. Cool.. Fry till caught on the outside yet not all over.. I think the nuremburg is best dry fried.. Or BBQ if possible! X

Then fry those lovely Roscoff onions.. Am down to Two left on the ‘stick’.. Addition of a good handful of baby santini tomatoes and a good sprinkle of ghormeh sabzi (a dry herby thing from Iran that has chives, fenugreek, parsley. & coriander.. Wonderful aromas as it hits the heat of the iron pan ..

Then.. Heat down.. Empty can of beans into the pan.. Swill half of the can with water add that too.. Now a great twist of Bristol pepper… Turn off heat!

Oh.. In between peel and chop into small bits the spuds.. Boil, drain, add salt and good french butter, ‘echire’ this butter and very nice it is too! X mash..

Put nuremburg sausages into dish.. Cover with mixture, crumble mashy over the top.. Bake at 200 for 28 mins.. Or until a little golden yet bubbly underneath..

Plate.. Eat witha spoon.. Start getting those memories flashing.. Your lips will curl up.. And a warming satisfying tummy follows.. X

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